The Best and the Worst of The 60's Happened One Night in The 90's.

Timothy Hines' HOUSE OF THE RISING is a coming of age film that explores the depths of life, love and survival.

Psychedelia, sexual tension, live rock, and the music party underground of Seattle set the scene for HOUSE OF THE RISING, a 60's retro-party flashback set in the 90's. Inner struggle and emotional turmoil wreak havoc on disenfranchised young adults, coping with desire and commitment, while trying to keep the walls of fantasy around their lives as long as possible until reality comes crashing in.

HOUSE OF THE RISING is a unique technical masterpiece shot in one continuous take. The filmmakers have created a new kind of cinema verite with a fast-paced storyline that happens in real time.

Featuring the music of The Walkabouts, Gary Lanz, Laura Love (as seen and heard in GEORGIA) and a pounding soundtrack of original music by up and coming new artists, HOUSE OF THE RISING is THE BIG CHILL for Generation-X.

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HOUSE OF THE RISING is available through Troma's 50th Street Films.
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